The Position Of Power

The Position Of Power

When I was reading the article on prostitution not being just a free service and that it is a basic human need, I found that it was rather logical in the sense that it brought prostitution to “light” as a service than necessity. I could not agree more with the author on that point. If a woman or man is providing a servie since neither sex is above the other in doing so, why is it that they should not be compensated for the service that is being provided. No pun intended but, given the hard work that prostitues put in throughout the night or mid-day it should be obvious that their hours on the job are not considered paid and that most of their money comes from the clients that they have.

The author makes a great point in saying that comparing our sexual desires as a basic need that prostitution should be incorporated with is ridiculous. Even though being a “sexual service” worker is not considered a respectable job and one that is frowned upon it is still a service that should be looked at as business. So with any business there is compensation for the product (which in this case is pleasure), based upon any satisfaction of the client. Its just good business.

In all I do not see the point in arguing about prostitution because it is just about relinquishing power. The person agrees to let the client do what pleases them for an agreed amount of money, so in reality its a simple transaction. Prostitutes go to work everyday knowing that what they do is dangerous and that they are more or less violating the social moral code of most, but do so because they are getting paid for it. They already know that by the end of the night they will make enough to tied themselves over until they need more, its just that their line of work is not a nine to five, or working in a cubical. Sex for money is a tricky game to play and a difficult business to get in or out. At the end of the day though, its just good business.



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