Should They Have to Wear Protection?

Do you think the men should be protected while having sex during a porn shoot?  In 2012, the Los Angeles County made a law requiring condom use by porn performers.  It was a 9-1 vote in favor of men wearing condoms during porn shoots, which was a win for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been rallying to protect the health of porn stars for many years while lawmakers ignored it and chose not to crack down. Los Angeles County were the first people to take up the issue and they had an almost unanimous vote. There have been many shoots that have been suspended due to the fact that many people had HIV.  With this new rule in place it would require porn producers to pay a fee to fund surprise inspections of their shoots.  “Diane Duke of the lobbying group Free Speech Coalition said, “This is government overreach. It’s not about performer health and safety; it’s about government regulating what happens between consenting adults.” Weinstein said that gay porn performers have been using condoms for years. 

I think it should be mandatory for the men to wear condoms when filming porn because who knows how many women he has been with during other film’s.  I know some porn groups test their porn stars before they do any films but I don’t think that the low-grade porn does the same testing.  I think that many people that are in this billion-dollar industry are not clean. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to protect themselves against any diseases they could contract.  I think it is great that Los Angeles City Counsel passed this ordinance because it is something that should have been mandatory many years ago.  What do you think? Should the men have to be protected while having intercourse?  Should gay couples have to be protected as well?


3 thoughts on “Should They Have to Wear Protection?

  1. No matter what, I believe there should always be some level of protection involved. What struck me about your post is that it was the AIDS Association that took the effort of protecting porn stars. What about the porn stars themselves? Did they even consider that AIDS was a potential factor in being a part of the industry?
    Aside from condoms, which we all know can only do so much, there should have been mandatory AID checks and qualifications any time before performing sex. Condoms are not as effective as knowing whether the person you will be having sex with has a fatal disease that can spread to you.

  2. You made an interesting point about wearing protection during an adult film shoot. You can’t go wrong by being protected but I think it takes away from the film with respects to up close and personal video images, and that’s what sells. As for the health aspect, you can always protect yourself from the unknown but once you contract the unknown, it’s too late and now you are a carrier. It’s a tough question to answer but I will state that more homosexual men die from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) than heterosexual men. Maybe I’m bias but the LA City Council overstepped their boundaries with this new ordinance.

  3. I think it’s interesting that the both of you bring up the issue of protection and mandating checkups for AIDs and other STDs as a concern, since that was the main concern behind the law being proposed. However, the porn industry is not as dirty as many people think. It’s a well-regulated, and generally safe industry full of professionals. The actors and actresses are subject to a plethora of STD tests, sometimes weekly, depending on the shoot. If one person is found out to have a sexually transmitted disease that person is blacklisted from the industry, so most of the performers are eager to keep themselves regularly tested. I believe that is the reason much of the support for the law did not come from the performers, because they believe they were already well taken care of. Instead it was society that deemed more regulation necessary

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