Princess, Doctor, Pornstar, Firefighter?

Though many feminists see the women in the pornography business as being “exploited” and  that the women are “oppressed” maybe they just aren’t seeing what the women in the pornography industry do see. In the video Sasha Grey, a 18 year old porn star explains her reason for being in the pornography business and what what she gets out of it. I find that what she says are  the same things as a girl who would say they wanted to grow up and be a doctor would say. She feels “in her own element” and “self exploration in a positive way”. Just as mentioned in the reading by Nina Hartlet and ex-porn star who also believes ” posing for pornography is an uncoerced choice that can be enriching.” There can be many reasons to why a women joins the pornography industry and not all are bad. And Sasha Grey is a good example of that.  She has  confidently chosen the path she wants to take and is comfortable with it. Along with being in the porn industry she has “normal” goals as one would say, to travel the world, have kids, and even produce and direct films of her own. And not pornography ones at that! Who is someone to judge someones decision as to if it is morally acceptable if its fulfilling to them! The problem is it IS being judged by many for the fear that it is exploiting women and is hurting the women themselves that are involved. But who is it really hurting if these girls choose pornography for themselves and enjoy it. No underage children are involved, no one is being violently hurt during these films? If anyone should be supporting female porn star’s it should be Feminst!  Feminist should be the women that are standing behind porn stars supporting these women and the choices they make, not criticizing them for it.

I agree with Wendys points that support that pornography benefits women both personally and  politically and be seen as valid to. Pornography allows people around the world for what ever reason to satisfy a natural craving and basic need that is no different from our desire to eat, or drink water. That need, needs to be satisfied. And if it is satisfied without the harming of people and in a civilized way, what seems to be the problem? We easily pay for a meal when we are hungry, how can paying for pornography when we are horny be so different.

I also believe ” a Women’s body a Women’s right” just as with abortion. If a women chooses to show off her body and have sex with men for others to see then so be it. Its her body not yours, no one is asking you to do it!


One thought on “Princess, Doctor, Pornstar, Firefighter?

  1. I find negative reactions to the porn industry humorous as they are often linked to society’s stigma on sexuality. Society, at least this society, is afraid of its own sexuality. And rightly so, it was built on puritanical ideals and has extended those ideals to the modern era. To make this point one could simply look to European nations where sexuality is much more open, and freely expressed. It is not something to be talked about behind closed doors but openly and with just as much respect. These actors and actresses in the porn industry are still professionals, they still have rights and they still utilize those rights; they wield their sexuality and make something so natural to human nature a billion dollar enterprise.

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