Does Pornography Define the Woman?

Does Pornography Define the Woman?

Until this reading I never considered the feminist’s point of view on pornography. Really never considered that there might be opposing views within the feminist community on pornography. I will say, although the magazine article depicted is over-the-top ridiculous, it kind of what I had in mind. Feminists are anti-porn. Right?

According to Wendy McElroy’s article feminists take three distinctive stances on pornography. The first being that pornography is wrong, it objectifies women and is the root of all problems between the sexes. The second stance is women can do what ever they want with their bodies, even if it’s yucky like pornography. The third one is women can do what ever they want with their bodies including but not limited to pornography and may consume it as well if they choose.

Wendy takes the third stance in her article. She doesn’t argue that pornography objectifies the woman but says why is it wrong to objectify someone sexually but not mentally, to see someone as a brain only.

I think pornography consumption is a personal choice. It is no more my business if you read Hustler as it is if you read the Koran or romance novels. What you feed your brain is your own business. I don’t believe that pornography defines how society defines a woman, or that because its existence makes men rape.

After reading the three feminist views I would have to say I side with Wendy. Of course, it was through Wendy’s voice that all views were represented so it may be a little biased. However I don’t think we can or should regulate what people can do with their bodies. Nor should we dictate what should be published. Where would it end? Who would get to decided what is “decent” for publication? And why would we treat adult women as if they were incapable of making their own decisions? Because, if that is true, should they be allowed to vote, or own property?

We can’t take every thing we don’t like and make it illegal. Just because it’s not right for me doesn’t make it wrong. We’ve got to stop being afraid of what’s different and agree that the right to choose should be the same for everyone.


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