Diversity in School…

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to discuss about this topic, it made me realize how schools pride themselves of diversity and fairness. For example, I remember a conversation my friend and I had a couple of weeks ago about diversity in our schools. We both discuss our first weeks as freshman in our schools, and it’s interesting to find out how different our experiences were. Here is some basic information. My friend is currently attending one of the Claremont Colleges (a few minutes away from University of La Verne) and is on her third year. We are both Hispanic and come from a similar background. However, she explained how difficult it was for her to adjust to her school. She further explained how it was a challenge to find people with similar interest. I, on the other hand, had no problem adjusting to La Verne. How can that be? Both of our schools promote diversity, so wouldn’t we have similar experience? The answer began to get clear to me as we continued our conversation. She explained how, yes, there are people from different cultures attending her school but majority of the students come from a wealthy background. She mentioned how students with wealthy parents were more likely to hang out with people within the same social class. The group of people who she associates with come from a low-income family, although they come from differently cultures, they have more things in common than with those with wealthy parents.  She said that it took her time to find people she felt comfortable with.

This made me think about La Verne. Is it really diverse? I’m not sure if I’m being bias, but I believe that it has a good mixture of people from different cultures and income. What do you think? Should colleges make a “quota” of having diversity in race and income to make things fair?


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