“A Philosophical Assessment”… really?!


After reading the post below, click on the link above to look at stats and more information about prostitution and health.

In “Charges Against Prostitution: An Attempt at a Philosophical Assessment” Ericsson attempts to draw pitiful parallels between the “basic human need” to eat and alleges that sexual relief or pleasure is also a basic human need.  Not only does he consider sexual relief to be a basic human need but he proceeds to propose that one would not find it unreasonable to be given food for free considering it is a basic human need; therefore, “sexual services” should be made available free as well.  The author also purports that 75% of customers within the “prostitution/customer relationship” are married men.  The author implies that this is one of the reasons why married sex is subordinate in “quality” to sex which is purchased.  Ericsson spends a lot of time fluffing up one bad argument after another.  Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  My problem with the majority of what he argues is that the so-called parallels that he draws are APPLES and ORANGES.  Ericsson likes to say that his arguments are simply facts; he so conveniently and completely disregards other facts such as the kind of backgrounds that the majority of women who do prostitute come from and what role that plays into their lives, why they got there, what their emotional condition is, what their physical condition is.  He spends but not one second discussing the fact that it’s not only “society” that “oppresses” prostitutes, but like Carol Pateman said in her reply essay, “Defending Prostitution; Charges Against Ericsson,” “Prostitution is the public recognition of men as sexual masters; it puts submission on sale as a commodity in the market….”  Ericsson without shame wrote passionately about the reasons he believes prostitution should be legal and why it should fall under the umbrella of “basic human needs”, while blatantly ignoring the sad and disturbing facts about the lives of these women he purports are business people and the social impact this has on the human society as a whole.  Shame on him.


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