Where is the Thesis????

Where is the Thesis????

Evaluating an essay is extremely important because that is what we do for X amount of years in school. In high education you are graded usually on essays or some type of writing. To top it off in most majors at a university level to graduate you must do a senior thesis. Something so easy and simple to comprehend somehow explodes to become something that is difficult to grasp.
As most college students I am sure I am not the only one to have sat down to work on an essay and stare at a blank white computer screen and blinking cursor.
The thesis is the heart of the paper and is what the whole essay usually revolves around. It is the argument to the essay. Yet in most situations it is difficult to spot out right away. This is because poor writers sometime don’t include it, others decide to build up to it so it is at the end of the essay and some just don’t include it on purpose because they assume it is implied. Because the thesis is the main point to the essay it is important to keep an eye out for it the entire time you are evaluating an essay.
Next you must find the reason to support the essay. This is also known as the premises to the argument. Depending on the premise it can alter the way the reader thinks. After you must identify the evidence to see if it supports their argument and why it does. Something else a lot of poor writers forget are the arguments for objections or counterarguments. It shows that you are not close minded throwing out anything that goes against your argument, but understand. Although you are understanding where the opposing side is coming from you still have some sort of explanation how your argument is still correct. It is also important to throw out all the fluff in the essay. Fluff can be all the extra words or just anything that does not have to do with the argument. It is better to be short and to the point. After going through the systematic portion of how the essay should could or not include it is important to look deeper into it. This is when you consider the tone and emotive language to understand where writer is coming from.
Evaluating an essay is no easy task just as writing one is not. This is why I enjoy this phone because it captures in my opinion what most writers have gone through at some point if not multiple times in their writing life. The thesis as I mentioned earlier is the most important aspect because it is the argument you are trying to make. Once you have a thesis everything else is just to support it. When writing a thesis you should not be looking around, drifting off in your own mine, getting up, vacuuming, cleaning cobwebs, washing clothes, washing dishes, walking around and so on.


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