Not sure where I’m going with this hehe

After reading “A Foundation For Judgement” in our Ethics book it really seemed to bring  together all of the discussions that we have had in class up until this time into one big connection. Every time we have a discussion in class about ethical issues in the world we are able to hear so many peoples opinions that opens our minds to not only different ideas but different perspectives that we may have no had before. Everyone comes to class with there different beliefs and opinions that they may of had for years or gained through experience.

In the reading about Humes argues that ” there is no logical way to get from knowing what IS to knowing what OUGHT TO BE”. This idea just made me think back to our discussion about abortion and peoples different reasonings and how peoples opinions changed based on different scenarios. And the opinions of people on this issue was based on our moral compass as I would call it. Every ones morals vary and Hume believed that we all do have a “moral sentiment, that guides us” which I believe to be true. And it sometimes all boils down to what we can do and what we can “live with” as we said in class.

But what I found more interesting was the difference of Relativism and Absolutism which again ties into our past discussions in class. In the book it says ” A moral absolute is a norm or principle that is true at all times and in all places and admits no exceptions.” But i feel like with some moral absolutes this can be not possible. And thats what we discuss in class. For example how abortion may be seen as unacceptable but in one case if a girl got rapped then it would be aloud? So like it says in the book, many moral norms, however, do admit of exceptions and therefore cannot be absolute.” Sometimes there are exceptions and Its like that with any right or wrong thing I believe in the world. There can be justifications based on the situation and there can also be a different opinion based on the persons moral compass and what THEY believe to be okay and right for them.

Im almost positive I knew were I was going at the beginning of this post now I’m not too sure what happened but this reading really did help with understanding what we have been talking about in class. Hope somebody can understand my nonsense!


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