Manager: Did you hire the Asian kid for the job? HR: Affirmative.


As an Org. Management/HR emphasis student at ULV, I’ve discussed on multiple occassions the fairness of Affirmative Action. First I want to go over language and communication. It is imperative that during a hiring process that HR communicates in a way where language is not totally revised or falls into an area that is all politically correct. This leads into misunderstanding and that breeds lawsuits. From that alone it is easy to understand the sensitivity of each applying individual but there has to be balance. Affirmative action is just as difficult as defining truth. It has the blueprints of an ethical program but it is front loaded with smooth talkers, deep thinkers, and system foilers. Like the literature mentioned, reverse discrimination was as much an issue as discrimination itself. Although Brian Weber brought it to federal attention, he lost his argument. But what kind of side effects happened to the company he used to work for. In my previous HR forums we discussed the ripples that a single drop of discrimination can cause a company. From money, time, profitablity, and law suits, tangible things and intangible factors, a company can hurt from the inside out. That is why affirmative action is such a hot topic in the business world and that is the reason I want to bring it to light in our blog.

Here is my solution and i’m curious to find out what you have to think about it. Through technology we should hold interviews like they hold unanimous testimonial videos. You’ve seen those with the voice audio changer, the black silhouette, and the dim lighting. What are companies really discriminating anyway? Race and gender right?
this is not a cure all solution but I feel like it would help undo affirmative action and give the power back to fairness. Plus I’ve always been a firm believer of hardwork and accolades. if you’ve earned it, worked for it, and strived for it, then you are the better candidate.

 Fordharrison is company that is doing things for the business world. Although they seem to cater to bigger companies, their services seem to be legitmate. They act as a 3rd party that focuses on Affirmative Action Plan Development. Basically they perform audits, analysis, testing, and training to make sure companies are legally operative in the hiring process and are not caught in the balance between injustice and self-profits. Bringing in an outside party was a hot topic to bring balance to affirmative action and Fordharrison has seem to be successful in the business world. (lets hope that they are practicing fair processes in their own buildings).

Think about your current company, why did you get hired? did you know someone? or do you think you were a piece of the affirmative action puzzle?


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