Is Judgement of Other’s Right?

The use of judgement in our society has become blurred. There are more cultures living in America today with different view of how one is to be judged then when America first colonized. One  of today culture would say it’s alright to have 4 families live under one single family home. A neighbor would disagree and report the living conditions as unfit. These types of judgement happen all he time . The chapter six in the book describes the “is” and “ought to be”. The “is” represents the facts and the “ought to be” is the moral standard that each individual lives by. How do we decide the “ought to be” with so many different culture let alone organizations?

I think that each culture and organization has a common ground to conduct judgement. Let’s look at 9/11 attacks where middle-eastern citizen were judged for act of a few from their culture. All middle-eastern people if citizens or not became public enemy number one. Was the judgement fair or just? The “ought to be” overwhelmed the “is” because the facts at the end of the day was Americans were lost. The middle-eastern people who committed the crime, was this the way they handled their way of protest against a cause? That fact would be yes, this was how things are expressed in the their culture, but not by all. I feel Americans forget hat they committed the same crime to African-American in the early years of building the country. Homes, churches, and buses were bombed because of the hate of a race. i am not siding that either act was right, but neither has the right to judge one another for their crimes. I feel judgement lead us as humans down a road that can never be erased and create laws that are unnecessary to the progress of moving forward. The answer to the question is no it’s not right to judge each other by culture or as peoples morals.


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