Fifty Shades of Pleasure

The topic of porn is a difficult subject to discuss. First and foremost, one needs to decide if it is considered good or bad. Coming from a woman’s point of view, it can be subjective.  In one of our readings, it explains how pornography oppresses women and makes them into sexual toys. However, who is the one who makes that decision? Yes, I believe taking advantage of a woman and having intercourse against her will is wrong. But, would it still be wrong if a woman willingly agrees? For instance, there are relationships where women agree to be a person’s “sex slave”. If she finds pleasure from it, would it be wrong? In most cases, this behavior of a woman subjecting to a male in excessive acts would be considered curl, lewd, and unusual. Another example is the book, Fifty Shades of Grey. It is about a young female college student who decides to get into an S&M relationship with an older male.  As a result, this book has become very popular amongst women all over the world. So, what are women taking out of it? Well, what has been demonstrated through the popularity of this book, women, to some extend, like the idea of being dominated and finding satisfaction in being in a relationship where the male takes control. However, there have been different opinions about this: either you love it or hate it. What I find interesting, people have categorized this as pornography. Reason being, the majority of this story involves the female character participating in sexual activities. Furthermore, this is a perfect example of a woman displaying herself in a subjective manner. She is consciously agreeing to be in a position that would be considered inappropriate behavior to society. Therefore, women subjecting themselves to obscured behavior: that would be considered wrong by society, if she decides otherwise. fifty-shades-of-grey-cac1d39d5bb5c20810b1314bcbf61dee35d8219b-s6-c10


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