thesis’ that doesn’t describe the article

The Los Angeles Times article states a thesis that asserts Californians have Powerball fever and does a poor job of making its thesis believable. The thesis could have stayed more focused on the thesis rather than detract from the purpose of the article by mentioning other facts about the lottery. The author seems to feel that the initial assertion is enough to prove itself, possibly the relying on the credibility of the paper to back his claim rather than proper proof. Giving only one example of a local convenience store that was swamped by customers buying lottery tickets hardly gives credence to the claim that the entire state has been anticipating this new power ball game and that before that the populace of said state felt left out. The very rare instances if not outright fictional stories of people driving out of state to buy lottery tickets also fail to prove the claim that our entire state is waiting anxiously for the new lottery game. The article short as it may be has plenty of material that one could skip because it doesn’t pertain to the initial thesis, although positive information is given about the benefits reaped from the income generated by the lottery thus far, it fails to show the desire for more that would lend another point of strength to the assertion that California is waiting for this new lottery. The tone of the report has a tone that leads the reader to view it more like an advertisement than a report  to be taken as informative, if so the article may achieve its purpose poorly written as it may be.  Chapter eight helped streamline the process by which I’ve evaluated this article it gives clear guidelines that one can follow to assure the correct and efficient evaluation of the material at hand.,0,2778860.story




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