The Difference….

Hate Makes No Exceptions

When it comes to the article one on affermative action it paints this picture of the poor overly subjective view that “whites” are in some great way being viewed as victims of an unfair society. Well, let’s just look at that for one moment. White people in general make more than the average minority would in a week due to the fact that most jobs require not just education, but experience in the task that they are going to be providing. So the fact that most minorities do not have the funds to either obtain that education nor skill makes them less likely to be able to get the jobs. Thus, results would help sufficiently better their lives and the lives of their family. To say that we are  looking too much at color on regards to just hiring and not skill itself is preposterous. This article in itself was just a means to invoke sympathy for a race that has done more then well for itself, slightly due to the suffering and hard work of others.

I just cannot see how placing the blame back onto those that are already oppressed on a daily basis will lead to a better future. From what I have read it spoke on the ability foe people to be (color-blind), well as lovely as that sounds is it truly possible for people to achieve within the type of societies we have? I saw how the article supported it’s basis by using the refutation to counterarguments as a way to make the point that comparison wise we are being equally racist and equally as bad. In that sense I feel that they are correct, but I feel that with out people being aware of their own thoughts they tend to resort back to racist thoughts. I know for a fact that there are tons of people out there looking for jobs and trying to feed their families only to be stopped by the color of their skin or the fact that the company would think a “white” individual would be more appealing and less threatening to the eye. If we truly want to get rid of the feeling of be segregated upon then I do feel that invoking the (color-blind) mentality needs to start for other thoughts to cease. It’s the only way to make a change…start with the mind and the rest will follow.



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