Just Keep it Simple

According to the first reading by Robert Fullinwider, I found it very interesting how both sides of the argument could be valid to an extent, no matter how outlandish they may seem.

On one hand, it is seems ridiculous to have an actual quota of how many different races should make up a percentage of employees at a company. I did think how Fullinwider questioned the notion: “Why is there ever a need for more? Why is there ever a need actually to impose racial or gender quotas? Or to risk their being adopted by firms”? However, the reality is that discrimination, no matter how much we want to deny it, is still present. By explaining the fact that quotas help to limit discrimination even despite our society’s modernity, there are aspects that show it really is not that bizarre.

I on the other hand, still am not completely persuaded by implementing quotas into today’s work force. Although it may seem as though we have been integrated into a society that may even be blinded by present discrimination that we overlook because it is something we are so used to, we as human beings have control. For example, Fullinwider states, “if we’ve built a whole world around discrimination, then many of the ways the world discriminates may not be visible to us even when we go looking.”

Whatever may be engrained in our minds can be reversed. By keeping open minds and thinking critically about these issues, it is in fact possible to view the level of discrimination we have today and what actions we can take. Although Fullinwider identifies this can be problematic because there seems to be no solution, as human beings with intellect and origins from different backgrounds, I believe it is possible to overcome this issue by way of discussion and deep thought.  

In reference to the work force, through solid effort and a focus to seek the best-fitted employees possible, there should be absolutely no consideration of race or color—even if the end result is more blacks than whites or vice versa. An individual should and must be considered strictly for her talents, achievements and potential contributions that can be made to the company.


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