American History X

Whenever I hear about Affirmative Action, I’m always reminded of the movie American History X. In the movie, specifically the dinner scene, where the father was talking about Affirmative Action with relations to his job as a fire fighter. Affirmative Action, was a policy designed to benefit minorities suffering discrimination with employment or education. In the clip the father talks about a couple black men that got the job on the basis that they were black, and he expresses his feeling on how they were other white men that were better qualified that didn’t get the job.

I feel as a minority, being both a women and Mexican, I would want to know that I got the job because I earned the job, and I fairly beat out my competition. However, during the time when Affirmative Action was put into place, and still today, the job competition was not fair. Minorities were not given the same chances as white men, and even today minorities are still discriminated. Affirmative Action gave minorities a foot in the door, however, now has become to be seen as reverse racism.  Everyone should have an equal playing field race, gender, color, or social class should not affect a person, however it does. Either way Affirmative Action or not, their is always going to be discrimination against someone, and someones feelings are going to get hurt.

There shouldn’t be a required amount of different minorities that needs to be fill a quota, however at that time it was necessary, and still necessary to an extent today. In the modern world there are more people being accepted into positions that they are qualified for and the enforcement of affirmative action is not necessary. Prejudice still exists in every aspect of society however has become socially unacceptable to act upon it.


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