Affirmative Action- Does Racism Combat Racism?

     When it comes to issues like affirmative action, it is important to hear arguments from relevant actors.  As a white male who applied to college only two years ago, I believe my opinion is relevant to the affirmative action debate.  Everyone knows that race is a consideration when it comes to college acceptance.  Is it fair that someone who has the same qualities as me, is considered more based on his/her race?  In this context, I view affirmative action as reverse discrimination.  At this point in society, I think institutions such as universities and colleges consider all applicants equally.  The only reason for this policy currently is to ensure equality of opportunity to combat discrimination.  I do not see a purpose for this at the university level.  There are some proponents that believe all institutions still behave in a discriminatory manner.
     I can agree that some institutions would behave in a discriminatory manner without preventative measures such as the Civil Rights Act.  Earlier this year, there were advocates for eliminating a small part of the Civil Rights Act.  This prompted a discussion as to eliminating the legislation as a whole.  Many members of the African American community were against this notion, believing that the problems the Civil Rights Act set out to solve would come back into existence.  I agree that racism has not been eliminated to an extent in which the Civil Rights Act is not needed.  However, there are employers who are hesitant to hire minorities because of fear of lawsuits against them, if a employment termination were to occur.  The Civil Rights Act gives protection to minorities to fight wrongful termination, but many employers have been wronged by wrongful termination suits.  Often, race has been used as a weapon in these suits.  Is it right for employers to not hire minorities in fear of future legal action if termination occurs- no.  Is it right for people to use their race as a weapon- no.  As a whole, I believe affirmative action is still needed.  However, there are problems that exist within the system. Hopefully, the need for affirmative action will diminish in the near future.
     Here is a link about the review of the Voting Rights Act that is also very pertinent.


One thought on “Affirmative Action- Does Racism Combat Racism?

  1. I believe the main issue with using affirmative action is that we will never know when it has been fully effective, if ever. Affirmative Action takes, on principle, the idea that certain ethnic groups are discriminated against, and gives them an advantage over equally qualified candidates of non-discriminated ethnicities. This principle is fine, if society can actually quantify when discrimination ends, or when reverse discrimination goes too far. Is it safe to safe that Affirmative Action has been successful when upper management is 25% Hispanic, 25% Asian, 25% Black, and 25% White? Or is it when no white people are a part of management? Surely that isn’t the case, but when is it time to say that Affirmative Action is no longer needed? Society doesn’t have an answer for that, and so long as they don’t have an answer, the “majority” ethnicities will suffer disproportionately.

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