People Taking Action

This week I am going to be presenting on Affirmative Action and Fairness on Robert K. Fullinwider.  His article starts out by talking about different people and their role within affirmative action.  He first talks about David Duke who was a former leader of a white supremacist party and is now a state legislature who got 60 percent of the white vote in 1990.  This theme of his campaign was the injustice of affirmative action, the need for civil rights for whites.  The next person he talks about is Brian Weber.  Brian works for the Kaiser Company chemical plant.  Here the black employees were only allowed to work the unskilled jobs and the company would go and look for outside workers who were trained by someone else for their craft jobs.  Eventually they decided to train their own workers and promote from within.  So for every one white person who was hired they had to hire one black person until 30 percent of the craft workers were black which was a quota. For Brian he didn’t like this, which is weird because it was only going to benefit him in the long run.  Wouldn’t you want your company to promote from within so you can move up and get a higher pay?

In a Supreme Court case in 2012, Fisher vs. University of Texas, a girl claimed she wasn’t accepted to the University because she was white.  The university was looking to make the campus a more diverse place and said if they cannot use race in their admissions it would be a “setback for our university and our campus.” During the case the university did admit to wanting to increase the percentage of black students on campus.  There has not yet been a settlement for this case it said that it was going to come in this spring.  The university did say that diversity is a selling point to the school and they would loose a lot of people if they weren’t diverse.


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