Affirmative Action Gone Wild!!!

Affirmative action has always been an interesting topic. I’m an immigrant from Mexico, English is my second language and I grew up in a predominantly white community. As a child and even into my teenage years, I never experienced any discrimination or the need for affirmative action. I’ve held several jobs as a young adult and never felt the need for this injustice law. I’ve always felt I needed to educate myself, stay out of trouble and work hard to improve my communication skills.

After reading both articles, I wasn’t shocked by the first reading but I was a but surprised by the second reading. The first reading, I felt was based on hate and anger; while the second reading was written from the heart and provided valid reasons to discontinue affirmative action. Her article really hit on several key points and I can relate to her feelings. She said affirmative action makes whites look better while blacks look worse than in they are in life. I understand why she doesn’t want anything for free, a token, for being black.

In Phoenix, Arizona, they are hiring minorities as lifeguards although they are not the best swimmers. The city said they can train them to be better swimmers. If I had children, I’d be reluctant to let them go swim in a public pool fearing they may drown because the city hired subpar lifeguards. I pray these lifeguard’s skills are never put to the test in fear they will fail. Could you imagine if this was the case with your physician? He or she was given a token pass for being non-white? I prefer a qualified candidate over someone who looks like me so I’d feel comfortable. Affirmative action only undermines those who work hard to achieve success and benefits those who are under qualified or non-white.

What do you think?


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