The slant in this story is subtle but nevertheless apparent. The article seems to be in favor of the pro choice movement in that it made the front page and feels like a call to arms for those who advocate for women right to choose. maybe more notable is the tone of the article that seems to focus on a few states that leave the reader feeling a a sense of spite for the overbearing laws as they are described in the article. The subject matter is obviously meant to tug at the emotional connection and pre-established position the reader may have on this hot button issue and by saying that we understand that the article makes good use of emotive language. The subtle slant of the article seems to me to convey the idea that the author knows that this is a very controversial issue and the points he makes come across more as weasel words than  an olive branch actually being extended to the people that counter the position. The reading made the  authors slant much more visible. Where at first sight the article appears to be balanced the definitions and importance of tone, slant, and emotive meanings in  enabling us to read between the lines and see the authors true intent. though in this case it might have simply been to draw the would-be customer to their newspaper rather than another in which case the intent is benign in my opinion. the title of the article does lend it’self largely to the emotive meaning ive charged it with, it has a negative one, an example of a title that would have led the reader to expect a positive article would have been something to the effect of , ” New abortion reform” maybe a more neutral title could have been “abortion and the new laws” . I personally see the bias of a particular author as a important part of their work and wouldn’t believe it realistic to expect it not to come-through in writings but for that very reason the importance of identifying it as such can not be undervalued.


States Harden Views Over Laws Governing Abortion


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