Female Genital Cutting

After our discussion in class about female genital cutting, I feel as though I have more clarity but it does not change my position. Female genital cutting is a tradition practiced in many different cultures that involves cutting the clitoris of young girls. The young girls are not put under anesthesia or given any pain-killers so they not only have to experience the pain of the procedure itself, but they also have to endure pain for many weeks following the procedure as well. This procedure is done to hopefully prevent the girl from having sex with many men later in her life because she will not be able to experience an orgasm.

Along with this procedure being extremely irrational, there is also physical and emotional damage done during and after the process. During the process it is possible that the girl may go into shock due to the large amount of blood and high levels of pain.  She may also get an infection if the tools and the person performing the procedure were not sterilized and clean. If the procedure is not done correctly, the girl may also suffer damaged organs such as the anus or urethra. In addition to those short-term consequences, there is also the possibility of long-term consequences as well. The girl may suffer from repeated urinary infections, extremely painful menstruation, and accumulation of blood clots, pain during intercourse, and difficult childbirth.

I personally do not see any good in this procedure, I do not think it is done for a good reason and the positives and negatives are incomparable. Because this procedure causes so much pain and suffering to young girls I absolutely think it should be banned world-wide. However, this is a tradition that many people have become accustomed to throughout the years. In other cultures, this procedure isn’t thought to be extremely harmful or out of the ordinary. And because so many people are in favor of it, it is difficult for us to try to impose our beliefs on them. I believe that until they begin to complain about this procedure being done to them, then all we can do is educate them and hope that they see all the negative effects of it.


One thought on “Female Genital Cutting

  1. Even after discussing this topic in class, I understand why people do it because of the tradition and culture of some places. I completely agree with this post. Just because it is a tradition doesn’t mean it is right and frankly it is beyond wrong. Why would you limit your child to that feeling or make her go through that pain. In every story that I read about the girls recall the pain the most and what it did to them afterwards of not being able to pee. It is unacceptable for people to do this to others. The fact that the girls can die from bleeding out is so sad. Like she said in the post, it is a tradition and many cultures do it but it is not something I would ever be comfortable with.

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