The Reign of Language!!

Language is an art that has evolved since the dawn of time. Whether it is latin the language of the Romans or the language of the Hebrew bible, language has play a significant part of interpretation of situations. Language has in many way been use to tame the masses to go in the  direction need by leaders of power. In today’s society language is as powerful as ever because the language spoken is not as straightforward as it should be. People today rely on media to feed them information, which is a good and bad way to receive their information. Let’s see the good that comes from consistent flow of information. People are always informed about events that go on around the world. The media keeps the people aware of wars, politician changes and indiscretions, weather updates, and sports around the world. Media information is the best when the truth is spoken and an educated decision is concluded. I feel there is not enough good information being filter to the public of today. An example would be the commercials about medicines like Nasonex that tells you about the side-effects of the medicine, but also has the power to relieve a condition. the bad display of media language would contain headline the uses manipulation and vagueness to win over the masses. In chapter seven emotive meanings described  a common tool use with politician and media quite often. An example of emotive meanings is calling the War Department the Department of Defense. The changing of the overtones of a title or sentence makes society more comfortable with the situation at hand. I feel this gets everyone too comfortable and situation get overlooked and when it starts to affect one’s life it’s too late to change. In our society today there are many resources that were use to verify the manipulative stories that are produce today. Politician campaigns are the worst with emotive meaning and creating stories to give opponents a disadvantage. These political battle is when people should research into the most because you will find a lot of fallacies and slander on both sides. Language is so powerful now because everyone wants to a flawless image and words is what create that for them. Language will continue to evolve to keep up the smoke and mirrors that the media and politicians build to maintain control of the masses.


One thought on “The Reign of Language!!

  1. I agree, I think a large part of language is manipulative and it is very political. Corporations have whole departments focused on the image of the company and I’m sure which words to use in a press release or advertisement is a heavy focus much of the time. This wouldn’t be such a problem if the public was more skeptical of the information hand-fed to them, but they aren’t skeptical at all. It’s difficult to be skeptical of language because it is such a key component of our world, and the growing accessibility of media has made language and more importantly the “right” language much more cunning.

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