From Tradition….To Mutilation

(Warning This Video Contains Disturbing and Graphic Images)

For some time now it has been common within certain cultures and religious practices that females must and will be circumcised. These young girls are told that they must go through an important right of passage and have their clitoris cut off. For most of us this sounds completely barbaric and borderline malpractice. Yet for these girls it is something that they are to look forward too, regardless of the after affects of the procedure. Most of the mothers even trick their daughters into going over to a different country with the mindset of FGM (Female Gentile Mutilation). They would tell their daughters that they are to go visit relatives when really they are to be held down and have their legs spread open and cut without the use of any anesthesia or morphine.

One of the girls in the video even mentioned how disappointed the mothers would be if the daughter showed any signs of pain or yelled out or cried. It seemed to be seen as some kind of weakness when really I do not know anyone who could go through an extremely dangerous procedure and not yell out in pain. Most of these girls go through with the procedure to just please there parents and or mothers, not knowing the dangers that their own parent has placed them in.

I can only speak for myself but having this brutality continue to go on and have these girls subjected to this type of crude action is beyond acceptable. I truly feel as though this mutilation should be band everywhere. Not just on the basis or irrationality but on the health aspect of it as well. Most of these girls experience some type of infection and have serious complications down there in their genitals afterwards. Since there is an open wound where there should not be the girls have an extremely high chance of infection setting in quickly and diseases creeping in. On top of all that risk there is the after emotional effect of being a victim of FGM. Girls are feeling alien-like, depressed, embarrassed  awkward, abnormal, etc. There must be people to stand up for these young woman who are not aware of the circumstances that are forced upon them and be their voice in order to stop the degrading in order to have them be uplifted and encouraged to know the difference from tradition to mutilation.



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