Female Genital Cutting

I found a website called Women Leading Change and the article was called Female Genital mutilation-my story.  The article is about a 22-year-old girl named Keziah Bianca.   It is her story of when she had her genitalia cut and what she is doing about it now.  She understands why her family made her have the operation but she doesn’t want other girls to have to go what she went through.  She remembers it like it was yesterday.  She explains how her community does the type one cutting of partial or the entire clitoris because they believe it to be dirty and it makes one sexually active.  After she tells her story she explains how she is part of the YWCA.  The YWCA, Young Women’s Christian Association, is the largest and oldest women’s organization in the US.  It is also a welfare movement with branches in many countries.  Keziah is part of the branch in Kisii, Kenya.

She explains the program that they have is where they train young girls starting at the age 10 on an alternative right of passage and a way to say no to female genital cutting.  She says at the end of the training they “graduate” and are given a certificate to show they have gone though a stage of their life that qualifies them as circumcised.  This program also trains the parents and the circumcisers on the effects of female cutting and what the rights the girls have to say no.  This program teaches the circumcisers how to make money other than cutting because it is inhuman to women. 

Personally I believe that this is sad.  There is no reason for women to have to go through such pain for something that is not necessary.  I understand that this tradition is in some cultures but when the women don’t have a say in it, then it is not right.  I am glad there are now programs for people to learn how this is harming women.  I know I am not from a culture like one of these but to think that this is happening to women and they don’t have any say in it makes it unacceptable. 



One thought on “Female Genital Cutting

  1. Even in America, women are held to a lower standard. This reflects in other parts of the world but on a completely different dimension. I believe that female genital cutting is wrong and that organizations and victims are doing the right thing in advocating against this practice. The question that still remains though, is do we have the right to interfere with other cultural practices that may not reflect our own? I believe that people should not interfere with other cultural practices that may not be their own, but when it comes to the point where one is in harm, I believe that we have every right to stop this from occurring in the future. According to NCBI, over 130 million worldwide have undergone female genital cutting. This statistic sickens me because one it shouldn’t be considered a procedure if one is brutalized outside of hospitals in only semi-sanitary or unsanitary conditions with no anesthetics and if the girls who undergo this emotional and physical scarring are as young as eight years old.

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