From the ethical reading I found lots of useful information, but it was all stuff that I have thought of before. Through my eyes I never thought to judge someone based on their religion. And I always though that while there are so many different religions in the world they all basically have the same purposes. Though how Christians pray and worship may be different from the way Buddhist worship they all pray and worship for mostly the same reasons. People find comfort in having faith in something to give them support in life. Each religion also has different concepts and while some people may say one religion is not like the other, in reality they can be very much the same and have the same values as one another.

In the section of the reading “The Similarity of Values”  it gives an example showing both commandments from the Bible and the Koran side by side. They may be said differently but they share the same concept. Just like we should accept peoples religious practices that may be different from another. They have their reasons for what they practice and we may not agree with them, but they may also not agree with the way you or I do something. So its a kind of both understanding and accepting the differences and similarities of values. Who are we to judge one religion better then another.If you are content with your faith then you should allow others to be content with theirs without judgement, but rather acceptance.

The coexist Foundation promotes “better understanding of jews,christians,  muslims” They also fund programs and projects to help communities better understand religion. I think it is a wonderful concept. Children as well as adults should be taught to accept one another and not separate us from others based on religions. We may separate ourselves from others because we think were much different but in the end most people have the same intentions as others but either misinterpret or can be ignorant. And religion can be a way to unite people, whether they are Muslin, Christian or Catholic and so on.

Though when certain religions cross the lines of certain laws in different societies how and when do we put our foot down on someones religion. This then becomes a  hard issue to tackle.


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