Child Abuse Like No Other…. Truly Insane

This week I chose to blog about Female Genitalia Circumcision and I’ll first admit I felt sick to my stomach.  This form of circumcision is beyond insane and I consider this a form of child abuse.  The author states this form of surgery is performed as a ceremonial ritual intended to honor and welcome the girl(s) into the community.  She further states these ancient practices are designed to promote chastity, religion, group identity, cleanliness, health, family values and marriage goals.

The author also mentions three forms of circumcision from a minor surgery to a very bad and painful one where a female’s clitoris, labia minor and parts of the labia majora are removed.  I’m not a doctor but it sounds like it’s a lot of tissue and I am sure very painful.  The major surgery includes bounding their legs together for up to a month while the scar heals.

I believe this type of abuse is performed on young females for the following two reasons:  (1) preserves virginity, family honor, and prevents immorality, and (2) it furthers marriage goals including greater sexual pleasure for their husband.  Once the circumcision is performed, this female will never feel an orgasm or any other form of sexual gratification.  Since females can’t feel anything they are very unlikely to go out and be promiscuous; thus meeting those three ideas.  The second part is that this surgery furthers marriage goals by providing their husband with great sex.  I am having a difficult time trying to reason how this can be true.  And I can’t!  As a matter of fact, both articles stated men prefer an uncircumcised woman rather than one who has been put through the ringer.  So I am curious, why don’t more men speak up since most agree sex is better with one who hasn’t been circumcised?

It is good to know some countries such as Egypt, are beginning to change their believes and recognize this as child abuse.  The second reading mentioned those who have higher education are less willing to perform circumcisions on their daughters.  Countries where this abuse takes place, women are still fighting for equality and once they achieve this goal, then all of these horrible acts will cease.

I have included a video as part of my blog.  I did not view this clip so proceed with caution, please.


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