” We accept the love we think we deserve”


The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing film about growing up and fitting it and the different problems teens face throughout high school. The main character Charlie is just entering high school and a lot has changed from middle school and some how his old friends don’t even say hi anymore. He has no friends and is basically a shy person trying to break out of his shell but finding it hard. So he keeps to him self trying not to get in anyones way. Until one day he breaks out of his shell just a tad and comes to make a whole new group of friends that aren’t the popular kids but their understanding real human beings that are just trying to live and find themselves. Who welcome people with open arms and don’t judge. He finds that he has finally found where he fits in. And throughout his friendship with the group he encounters problems between them all that he has to face. And through the experiences he learns more about them, himself, and life.

The first real issue Charlie faces when involved with his new group of friends is a different sexuality. He walk in on his  friend Patrick with another guy. But isnt quick to judge and his friend trusts him to keep his secret. So he does keep his secret. One day Patrick is bullied by a jock in school and they all start beating him up so he jumps in and beats all of the jocks up basically saving Patricks life. He protects his friend because he believed it was the right thing to do and he accepts his friend for who he is and who he loves whether it be a girl or boy. Facing different sexualities is a very big issue especially occurring in high school. And it seemed as Charlie didn’t judge Patrick because he wouldnt want to be judged himself.

He shows compassion towards Patrick as he struggles with his sexual issues. And when Patrick kisses Charlie just to see if they could be a possible match out of desperation for love he doesn’t freak out. He was taken by surprise of coarse but continues to be there for him even though he doesn’t like him in that way.

Another ethical issue Charlie struggles with personally, is being sexually abused by a family member. He walks around with this burden that nobody knows about, not his parents or friends. And it truly has affected him as a young adult. He has episodes where he blacks out like when he fought all the jocks. He doesn’t remember any of it. And he also “sees” things so he has to take pills. (Which his parents do know about) but they never knew the real reason he was the way he was. In the end after he was put into a health center for a little bit where he was able to talk to someone about his feelings and problems. Which ended up really helping him coupe and realize it wasn’t his fault he was abused.

In my opinion this story is simple and intriguing with different turns throughout the story and real issues that teens face today. I fully agree with Charlies position towards his gay friend. I accept people for who they love and who am I to judge them otherwise. We don’t choose who we love and to judge someone for that seems simply unfair. If my friend was struggling with such a scary issue I would love nothing more than to be their for them and help them through it. And would have most definitely backed them up if someone had a problem with it.

As for the sexually abused issue, I cannot begin to know what it would feel like to be in that position. But based on the family that I know and love I would have done differently in that situation. I believe I would have told my family and looked to them for support and love. But its truly hard to say what I would  really do if i was really in that crazy situation, for all i know i would have kept it a a secret like Charlie to, maybe for even the same reasons he kept it a secret. Its hard to know what you would do in a position you’ve never been in but I do have my beliefs and will stick to them no matter what.


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