Everyone Pretend To Be Normal!!!!

Little Miss Sunshine

This movie is center around a dysfunctional family that is trying to deal with each other and function in their daily lives. There is the mother named Sheryl, The father named Richard, the brother named Dwayne, the uncle named Uncle Frank, and the grandfather they call grandpa. When little Olive gets a callback from a Little Miss Sunshine Pageant that she attended during her past summer she is beyond ecstatic and begs and pleads to go. So the whole family attends and make it a family trip, with some coerced, head to California for the official pageant. On the way there this family runs into several obstacles and trails that test them as individuals and ultimately brings them together as a family.

For each main character there were many things that affected each and each of them carries a different but ultimately same fallacy. When watching this movie I see that there were some unethical situations that had contradicted what the character had actually stood for. Such as in the movie a lot of the time they use the phrase “We are a family and family sticks together”, well their actions do not really display that type of thought process. The character Dwayne has taken a vow of silence in order to display his determination to get into the Air Force to become a Fighter Piolet. His simple but propionate display of separation through silence is his way of trying to distance himself from his family members and to not be associated with them. Even though they claim that they are a united family they do not truly believe this til the very end when they had a tragedy show them how much they needed each other. Another situation that did not seem ethical was all through out the movie the father Richard was obsessed with winning and made it seem like the only people who are successful, happy, gifted, talented, educated, and willing to to preserver were the people who won all the time. Anyone else was just a loser that was lazy, stupid, uneducated, angry, and unsuccessful individual that really was just a waste of space on this planet. He had told his young daughter that people (women to be specific) who ate ice cream were fat, ugly, and unattractive. He had explained to her that nobody wanted to be them and that people (women) in pageants never ate ice cream so that they stay perfect and pretty. I don’t know about anyone else but that is a complete load of crap, and in the movie near the end he was prove wrong when little Olive asked Miss California if she ate ice cream and if so what was her favorite, Miss America responds by saying she love ice cream and her favorite is Rocky Road. This right here shows that the father Richard was seriously wrong in his thought process and that he did not grasp the fact that even though you lose at some things you win at others.

The fallacy that is present all throughout this movie is THE STRAWMAN FALLACY. Most of the time people in this movie present themselves a certain way when in fact they all are something completely different. The character Grandpa in this movie had portrayed himself as this funny, dirty, and sarcastic old man that was helping his granddaughter with her pageant routine. When in fact he may have been some of those things, yet he was also a constant heroin addict. As everyone was either occupied with other things he wold “use” and then go back and join the family. This happened continuously up until he was sleeping in the motel they were staying in and died during the night. No one knew he was still using since he had gotten kicked out of his nursing home for doing this particular thing. So when the family had to deal with his death they all were shocked and completely heartbroken due to his lose. If he had been more upfront about his drug use they would have taken more drastic measures and gotten him help. So this just goes to show how this movie may has tons of people displaying themselves in a certain light or way but that is not what they are nor what they truly believe nor want. It does not make them bad people it just simply makes them human. At the end of it all, they do end up being the family they did not want to be in the beginning.



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