The movie “Crash” is a movie with several stories happening simultaneously. Each story has different perspective of stereotype of race and the slippery slope that follows. The cast consisted of Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Sandra Bullock, Brendon Fraser, Jennifer Esposito, Thandie Newton, Ryan Phillippe, Larenz Tate, and Christopher Bridges. This decisions made in this movie happens everyday to so many Americans. Cops racial profile people they stop. One of the LAPD officer bitter his father is not getting the help he needs. The other LAPD officer a rookie, wanted to be reassigned to another partner because his is prejudice.  A politician try to win the vote of different races by telling them what they want to hear. Detectives of different ethic backgrounds dating trying to understand each other. An African-American couple coping with their identity being rich and maintaining their reputation. This movie is in no way sugar-coating the issues display. It right in your face and most people had mixed views of this film.
The film uses moral relativism and egoism to bring about its points in the movie. The moral relativism of  being wrong to be prejudice again a race. Yes I think it is. In this movie the politician and his wife was walking down the street and two black young men walking toward them made the wife nervous that they would rob them. Morally that is not excepted in society today but it continues to happen. There is always a race that has a bad wrap and when you see them you except for the race to be included. This prejudice thinking need to cease and people need to learn to communicate first before judging a person. This movie shows the person can be a doctor, lawyer, or a politician. You never know who you are judging.
I think egoism brings prejudice about because everyone are taught their race is superior than other. It clouds our view of excepting another race as an equal. Egoism pride in self make decision-making focus in just yourself or your culture. Each culture should be embraced and learn from the help unify society. The movie display egoism of  Matt Dillon the LAPD officer. He felt that he dad, a white man deserved an operation because he help employ black people when they could not get work. His ego helped him come to this rationalization. The officer came to this conclusion due to his belief of the slippery slope theory. He figured since his dad did something for black people it justified that his dad should get the operation he need from the black case worker. These kinds of decision were also made on the job. An example is when he took advantage of the black couple by giving and inappropriate pat down of the wife when pulled over. The officer’s ego combined with his authority inclined him to take advantage of the situations and make his partner feel uncomfortable with the acts that took place. The wife in this situation was very upset that the husband did not stand up against the wrong doing of the police officer. I think the husband had a right to attack the officer in this situation but made a choice not to due to him being a black man. He figure that his word of the crime the officer committed to his wife would not be considered. it also been that the black man was a big director and his reputation was more important than doing anything to save his wife from the officer’s inappropriate pat down.  These kinds of acts hold back our society little by little. I feel ethics in a way when misunderstood hinders our social progress and this movie does a good job painting the picture. The question I leave with you is have we really overcome prejudice or are we masking it?


One thought on “Crash

  1. This movie is great! It is so crazy how each individual’s experiences tie in with one another at the end of the movie. Even though all of the characters are living such different lives, their stories collide in a way that shows the stereotypes and oppression that is present in our world today. This film portrays racial and social tensions of Los Angeles residents, that makes you think twice about how you perceive others vs. how you should really see others. It really showed me that people, including myself can be quick to judge, that eventually leads to a vicious cycle of stereotypes and misconceptions of yourself and others. This film makes you become aware and critically think about the social injustices that are present in our society today. The thing I loved the most about this movie is that you kind of learn a lesson that can make you change your views. For example, the racist remarks and actions are often shown to stem from ignorance and misconception rather than malicious personality. I recommend this film to everyone!

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