Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..

This movie is a story about a father and son clown fish.  Marlin, the father, is very over protective ever since a barracuda ate his wife and children.  It is Nemo’s first day of school and the class heads off to the drop off.  Once Marlin finds out where the class is going he swims there to take Nemo home.  His father embarrasses Nemo so he goes out and touches the “butt” aka boat.  On his way back, a scuba diver captures Nemo and takes him to his new home in a fish tank at the dentist’s office.  The rest of the movie is how Marlin conquers the ocean, sharks, jellyfish, the EAC, and seagulls to find his son Nemo.

The first ethical issue at the beginning of Finding Nemo is when Marlin and his wife Coral are messing around talking about how they first met, when Coral sees a barracuda fish eyeing her and her babies.  Marlin tries to get her to come back inside the sea anemone but she darts down towards the children.  Marlin goes after the barracuda as it tries to eat him it whips him with his tail and knocks him out.  When he wakes up both his wife and all of his children except one are gone.  Was it the right choice for Coral to go tend to the children or should she have just gone back inside?  Here Marlin tried to explain to his wife to come back in but she was too worried about the babies to care.  Marlin was devastated when his wife took the plunge to protect the kids, which is why he becomes so over protective when he finds Nemo.


The second ethical issue is Marlin trusting Bruce the great white shark.  When Bruce comes and scares Marlin and Dory, he talks to them about trusting a shark.  He then continues to invite them to a “little get together”.  Dory is willing to trust the shark but Marlin is very unsure because he doesn’t want to become shark bait.  Bruce at first comes off very intimidating.  But when they get to the party they find out the meeting is like an AA meeting.  The start off by saying the pledge, which is “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine, if I want to change this image I must first change myself, fish are friends, not food!”  Bruce claims it has been three weeks since his last fish.  At the end of the movie Dory is escorted to where Nemo gets dropped off by the three sharks and she is now part of their club.  The fallacy that goes with this ethical issue is to not jump to conclusion.  In the beginning when Bruce first shows up he is scary and intimidating.  But after they get to the “party” both Dory and Marlin realize that these sharks are not there to eat them.  They are trying to improve their image of being scary by not eating fish having them be their friends.  Anyone would jump to the conclusion that a shark is terrifying and can’t be trusted.  Marlin was not willing to go with Bruce the great white shark but he felt he had no other choice because he was going to be food either way.


The third ethical issue I find important is the dentist is going to give Nemo to his niece Darla as a birthday present.  The last time Darla got a fish for her birthday she killed it by shaking the bag.  The dentist shouldn’t give Nemo to his niece because he knows she killed her last fish.  When Nemo finds out that he is going to be given to Darla as a present, him and the other fish take action to save him.  The fish don’t succeed in trying to save Nemo so when he is taken out of the fish tank he plays dead.  By doing this it allowed Nemo to make his way over to the sink and be flushed down and out into the ocean.  If Nemo didn’t play dead he was going to die anyway. I don’t think the dentist should have thought about giving Darla another fish because she just kills the ones that she gets.


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