Why Prejudice and Stereotypes are a Problem In America

Prejudice and stereotypes work hand in hand in  American society. one would say prejudice people want to keep groups the stereotype divide to control what they don’t understand. Prejudice seem to have started with rich class and poor class in America.  Wealthy Americans would stereotype poor Americans as uneducated, lazy and thieves. That was not the case in many instances, some people just didn’t have the means to make in America due to their job training. This was just the beginning of what to come later down the line. An observation of an unknown group of society is always depicted as a problem when misunderstood. Women were stereotyped as less than a man because they were not as strong as a man or as smart. It was said that women was only good for lying on their backs and making baby. With these kinds of stereotypes helps spark a new prejudice against women as a group or any other the is not with the majority. People who are the majority want to stay the majority not just in America, but around the world also.

in early times stereotypes and prejudices was a stronger weapon the it is now because it was hard to prove due to word of mouth. The majority could fabricate a stereotype about a group and be easily influenced  because it was hard to verify the fact. In today’s world it comes down to just being ignorant to a prejudice stereotype because you do not want to see the facts. A great example would be 9/11 terrorist acts of Muslim descent. though a group of Muslims participated in taking American lives all Muslims were seen as a threat even though they had no connection with the terrorist. The stereotype brings about the prejudice the majority wants you to believe, but it is up to us as a society to ask why do the majority want us to do so.


One thought on “Why Prejudice and Stereotypes are a Problem In America

  1. How many people do you have to see of a certain culture to make it a stereotype? how many times do you have to witness that stereotype for it to be embedded in your brain as something true?
    As a society, yes we have to make decisions together and make movements as a unit, but it starts with the individual.
    How many asians do you have to see in a car accident to say asians are bad drivers?
    how many african americans do you have to see drink grape soda to believe the stereotype?
    personally, the frist time i see it i chuckle to myself, but knowing that it is a stereotype and i just caught someone in the act. The second time it pops up (especially if its on the same day), i think hey is this a stereotype or is it real. i let it slide and chalk it up to societies influence. Now the 3rd time i see it, I’m thinking seeing is believing. But i never ever let it be the final judge and jury of my feelings toward any particular group.
    I think its about time we embrace stereotypes and do what comedians do. Laugh at them. They never judge and never act on it. They make the gravity of stereotypes practically a free float. I guess its just me, I love comedy and I hate prejudice. Bringing it into the light and turning it into something worth laughing about instead of something worth hating about is a solution i can vote on…what do you think?

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