Right To [Live My] Life

Right To [Live My] Life

Judith Jarvis Thomson in her article “A Defense of Abortion” raises the question: does everyone have a right to life? And, given there is a choice between two, is the most innocent life the one to save? Then, is it more noble to let someone die than to take someone’s life?

These are just a few of the questions raised in her article. These are the ones that touched my core.

Does everyone have the right to life? My instinct answers: yes. However, when I truly ponder the question I’m lead to ask, at the point does one’s right to life infringes upon another’s right to live are we obligated to sustain that life? Do we take in to consideration the quality of the life the pregnant woman has when she is carrying an unwanted child? Or enduring a pregnancy that endangers her own life? When we say to her “tough it out; abortion is murder” what are we really saying? We’ve put a value on the life of the woman and the unborn child and woman, you come in second.

Who says the innocent life is more valuable? There has been nothing invested in education for the fetus. The fetus has contributed nothing of value to society. The fetus has no relationships or bonds; no one is dependent on it’s survival. Maybe we value the life of the fetus because of the possibilities it holds. We idealize within it’s cells could be the cure for cancer or the next Picasso. That may be, but what we have in the woman is a fully developed being that we as a society has invested in and who has relationships and responsibilities.

Is it better to let someone die or end someone’s life? Well, for the person making the decision, it seems easier to let someone die. After all, it’s not really our fault; we really had nothing to do with it. It was an Act of God… wish we could’ve saved her but… To let someone die is the coward’s way out. It’s what we do [nothing] when we are afraid to do [something].

As a woman I am certain that abortion is a personal choice. It’s a difficult choice and either way it has consequences that stay with us for a lifetime, but taking away that choice is taking away my power to live my best life. It is not enough that I remain alive; I choose to LIVE MY life.


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