Pro Life Vs. Pro Choice


Judith Jarvis Thompson raises many important questions in her article “A Defense of Abortion”. The most important, I thought, was “when two lives are at risk, how do we decide which life is more important to save?” This is a tough question for me to answer, as I’m sure it is to many others. 

Growing up I always believed abortion was always wrong. Regardless of whether the parents could not provide for the child or if the child was a product of rape, I always believed aborting the child was not only a crime, but morally wrong as well. As I’ve been exposed to more information over the years I’ve realized that in some cases, abortion may be necessary. If a woman were to get pregnant and then learn that carrying the baby would kill her, what decision is she supposed to make? She then has to make a choice to either abort the baby or follow through with the term of the pregnancy, sacrifice her own life and then leave her newborn child to grow up without a mother. Is either choice more right than the other? I don’t think so. Circumstances like this, made me realize that although I do think abortion is wrong in most cases, sometimes it is justifiable. The impregnated woman the right to live just as the unborn child does. But when it comes down to who’s life is more important, I believe everyone’s answer may vary. 

With that being said, I do think there are many circumstances when abortion is wrong. If girls are having unprotected sex and they get pregnant as a result, I believe they need to deal with the consequences of the decision they made. When a life is not at stake, I do not believe an innocent life should be taken.


3 thoughts on “Pro Life Vs. Pro Choice

  1. I believe you have made a very valid point with this post because I know a lot of people who believe just as you do. Most believe that if girls are stupid enough to not use any form of contraceptives then that means they are irresponsible and should deal with the consequences of their actions. Though, who are we to decide or force that belief upon them. What we feel is morally right may not be sufficient as you have pointed out for their health. When I say health I do no just mean physical health but emotional health as well. Being pregnant is not just a physical stressor on the body but a mental one as well, having going through several changes per trimester. I believe that abortion should not be frowned upon like most people do, but instead be seen only as another option in which women have the right to choose.

  2. Your article is how I critically think about abortion. Because of my experience, upbringing, and education, I have to come to the same conclusion. Its all dependent on the circumstances. When protesters stand outside plan parenthoods, they art thinking 100 percent of all abortions are wrong. I want to ask those particular groups if there are any instances of their lives where they made a decision that they were not prepared for and they wanted to nullify the previous arrangement. I want them to consider every reason for having an abortion and how that choice in its millions of reasonings can be wrong or right. Now we can sit here and discuss wrong or right all day, and in the same conversation we can have a circumstance conversation that will extend this played out discussion to the following months. But as i previously stated, Sydney’s side is my side. If there is a life on the line and the decision was unplanned, then ultimately it should be a woman’s choice. But in my eyes these fetus’ are lives and generally speaking most conditions should consider this. After all we are all victims of circumstance and this includes everyone under the sun, including babies.

  3. You guys have made some excellent points; however, have you taken into consideration the nine months that are put into creating a child? I can only imagine how emotionally and physically exhausting it is. My mother tells me how many things she had to give up and change to have a healthy pregnancy. She said that it was all worth it because she loved me and wanted me to be the healthiest that I could be. Now imagine a woman who does not care for the fetus, and doesn’t take the necessary produces to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Yes, she would have the baby. But, is it worth it if the baby is born unhealthy? What do you think?

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