A black guy, asian guy, and mexican guy walk into an abortion clinic…

race abortion

If you believe that there is a moral requirement for a violinist to use your kidney then you definitely don’t see a moral requirement for someone to keep another person alive for nine months. In this case violinists do not exist in my circle of upbringing and people.

It seemed like it was the the first day I learned about abortion, my DRUNKLE (drunk uncle) pulled me aside and said, “be a man, be a man, if you gets a girl pregnant, you be a man. I don’t care who you think you are, take care of that child and be a *expletive* man”. Growing up in a Catholic community of friends and family we move like caribou (filipino buffalo) with a definitive herd instinct. My beliefs support my actions and vice versa, its how i was brought up, but at the same time my education and life experiences draw me to a deeper curiosity.

I understand most of the sides of abortion but I really want to know what ethnicity has to do with all of it. Provincialism states that mexicans know that they have a lot of kids at a young age, blacks are likely to leave their partners to a one-parent household, asians are strict and supress their kids, etc. My curiosity is are there strong correlations to culture and the choice of abortion?

Minimal research done to scratch the surface, I found that there is a small correlation but there are cases to nullify each kid or abortion related stereo type. Our country seems divided in their loyalty to pro-abortion and that is because of the mix of culture we so proudly house. Like myself we are raised with “no choice” in this life giving/taking situation, but others were brought with a different choice. I know its all relative because it really is. The land of the free means just that, we are free to choose to fight against or for this cause. I believe when cultures change and accommodate each other with no strife or argument and stereotypes diminish we will see the truth behind the rightness or wrongness of abortion OR we can just wait till pigs fly…



One thought on “A black guy, asian guy, and mexican guy walk into an abortion clinic…

  1. This was a great blog post! I didn’t know that race had these types of abortion statistics. Even dough race and individuals in certain social economic status have different views on abortion it still is a good indicator by what type of race has the most or least abortion rates. While excluding age, religion and geographic location and just providing straight facts. Even though I’m catholic and still think that individuals should have the right to choose just for my personal believe. This race indicator might start a good conversation of why certain races chose to have more, or fewer abortions than others with in the same social economic status. It might also help those who need help either by providing answers and help toward getting abortions or providing help on keeping a child and not getting an abortion.

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