To Give The Right…Or To Take It Away

Abortion Procedures

Whenever the subject of Abortion comes in to play I feel like there are a lot of negative and very judgmental views on the subject. People usually say that you are killing an innocent life and that you are right there next to murderers. Certain people, would then paint this image of you as a selfish individual solely because of the fact that you do not wish to either go full term then give the baby up or keep the baby. Well then here is the question…What gives them the right to choose your fate? It is not against the law to have an Abortion, so why are so many people trying to stick their noses into a situation that has nothing to do with them.

If you were to ask people why they felt so strongly about Abortions their response would either tell you that their religious views hold their decisions or that they just feel that it is wrong regardless of the scientific facts or situation that the woman may be in. From the reading it says that this is called the Herd Instinct. Things usually are easier when they are more socially accepted. Well, far be it from me to tell them that they are wrong, but the fact that as a Nation we are deciding for women what goes on within their bodies seems like we are taking away their voices . People who get abortions are not all uneducated teenagers, they are woman who have been through a lot and that want the option that does not require them to give birth based upon other people’s values.

I personally know people who have gone and gotten Abortions; so based upon what certain people in society believe  I should look at them differently and judge them. Not because they committed some crime but for their decision that I feel is rightfully theirs to begin with. I feel that taking away women’s right to make this choice is just going to lead to other steps in which other people or other rights will be taken away based upon religious views or ignorance on the situation. The thing that people need to realize about this whole abortion thing is that we are not giving the (OKAY) for all women all over the world to get an Abortion once they find out their pregnant, it is merely giving women another option that they may choose from and consider.


One thought on “To Give The Right…Or To Take It Away

  1. Though I agree with you that determining the right to have an abortion should not be left solely to the state, I also do not feel as though abortions should be wholly left to the individual. While there is much on the issue of body autonomy to be discussed, the fact remains that a child is a big responsibility and by extension, pregnancy and sex are similar responsibilities. The issue that many have against, not necessarily abortions but the right to choose, is that there are a great deal of people who could not make a mature and responsible decision, whether it be having safe sex, or simply repeating the sex, pregnancy, abortion cycle over and over.

    Clearly it is the woman’s choice to have the baby or abort it (either legally or illegally), but if she chooses to have the baby, there are consequences for both herself, the father, and the state; if she chooses to abort the baby, there are consequences for herself, psychologically, and for the baby who would be kept from a life in the world. The decision is a tough one, and I think all parties (i.e. mother, father, state) should have a say, but ultimately, the choice is hers.

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