Real Danger: Anti-abortionists take matters into their own hands

After Tiller: 40 Years Since Roe v. Wade, Abortion Providers Continue Work of Slain Kansas Doctor


Forty years after the landmark Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion, the new documentary “After Tiller” follows the only four doctors left in the United States who are known to provide abortions in the third trimester. In 2009, their colleague, Dr. George Tiller, was assassinated while attending church in Wichita, Kansas. The four doctors depicted in the film have also braved threats, harassment and the emotional weight of the stories they hear to provide women with a desperately needed medical procedure. We’re joined by the directors of “After Tiller,” Lana Wilson and Martha Shane. [includes rush transcript]


My comments:

One of Marquis’ premises of why it is immoral to abort (among the theory that doing so denies the fetus its future possibilities) is that it is wrong to kill biological humans.  Aside from the very maze-like writing style of Marquis and how he pitifully attempts to relay his message so elaborately in a hope that one will succumb to his theory by concluding that he sounds so expertly profound that there must be legitimate merit to his argument, I wonder if he realizes that people read essays such as his and similar rhetoric and feel empowered to commit such acts as the one above.  Marquis manipulates words in such a way to make an easily swayed reader feel as if the reader does not have a mind of his or her own to make up.

Why are we still discussing this issue?  Why are women of all backgrounds and specific circumstances still having to put up with OTHERS’ moral persecution?  The court’s decided this American issue in the 1970’s.  No one — well, nearly no one is discussing whether or not it was the right thing to do to free slaves or give women the right to vote.  It’s time to move on to current issues that are relevant like the corporate plutocracy in America and inequality among gays, women and minorities; not pay one more penny to legislators and politicians that waste our time and money on a legal issue that was settled decades ago.



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