Abortion… When does life begin?

The State of Arkansas, today, enacted the nation’s toughest abortion law.  The new bill states life now begins at 12 weeks and a fetus can no longer be aborted after this period.  In other parts of the country, such as California, 13 weeks is maximum length of pregnancy where a mother can still abort her fetus.  This new Arkansas law only allows a mother about 4 to 6 weeks to decided on abortion.  This is a very small window for a life long responsibility.  Others states, such as Ohio who are looking to amend abortion laws have mandated doctors to detect heartbeats using “standard medical practice” which they hope might halt some abortions, even earlier than 12 weeks.

Professionals state a fetus can survive outside the mother’s womb after 24 weeks of development.  At 24 weeks, this fetus now becomes a child as it relates to pro-life and pro-choice.  Again, most states including California will not perform an abortion after the first trimester, which is defined as the 13th week.  This new Arkansas law is one week shorter than California’s yet has caused the ACLU to immediately challenge this new law in the courts.  This amendment hasn’t removed a woman’s right to choose yet this is a big issue and people feel their rights have been restricted.

Disconnecting a healthy person from the violinist who would only need help for a short amount of time, say 9 months, isn’t that long of a period.  This choice can be a difficult for any would-be mommy since she maybe confused, stress, and nervous about what is best for her and her fetus / child.  Regardless if an abortion takes place at 11 weeks, 12 weeks or 23 weeks, she is terminating a life and that is something she must deal with for the rest of hers.  Who are we to judge what a female wants to do with her body.

What do you think?  Do tell….


One thought on “Abortion… When does life begin?

  1. The legislature enacted this law I assuming based on majority belief. If not, the law will quickly be overturned. The question I have for you is what is the difference between majority rule of any other situation compared to this one? Just like other laws and propositions, the majority view is upheld whether all the citizens like it or not. Not every citizen likes taxes, but they are forced to pay them nonetheless. Some people are forced to follow laws that they don’t want to follow. The only difference I see between taxes, laws and abortions is the physiological nature of abortions. Besides that, paying taxes could possibly be as big of an inconvenience as being forced to birth and raise a child. The government already tells us what we can put in our bodies (i.e. drugs); is there a difference for this discussion?

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