Abortion, abortion, abortion

Abortion, abortion, abortion, no one wants to ever have to make this decision.  I think that this decision is different for every case.  There is no answer that we can put on abortion because in the end it is every persons choice.  This choice is made based on beliefs, religion, if the choice is right at the time, or because the woman doesn’t feel ready to have the child.  For myself, if I knew that I couldn’t care for the baby the way I feel a baby should be cared for or if I wasn’t ready to take on full responsibility of the baby because I am young and have a lot of things I want to do in life before that time, then I would have to sit down and really think about what the “right” decision was. 


But there are always two sides to every story.  The people who are pro-life are fighting for the life of the unborn child.  They disregard the fact that the child might grow up having a terrible life.  A lot of these people make this decision because of their religion.  The people who are pro choice are people who believe that it is the woman’s right to decide for her own body. 


I think that women who are victims of rape and get pregnant should be allowed to make the decision if they would want to keep the baby or not.  They should not have to go around and have to carry the baby from a man who raped them.  They go through a traumatic experience enough they do not need to have to carry the baby as a reminder of what happened.  Women who are raped should not be questioned about abortion because they need to have that right. 


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