End which life? The fetus or yours?


Many people define abortion as murder. As a society, we’ve agreed that killing/murder is wrong. Therefore, many people jump to the conclusion that abortion is wrong. As describe in one of tonight’s reading, “the view that makes killing is wrong is to the lost of the victim of the value of the victim’s future gains.” This made me think about a particular saying, “If you have a kid, your life is over.” In some sense, it holds some truth. For instance, if you would have a child, especially during your teen’s or even early 20’s, your life as a care free individual ends. The future plans that you have for yourself are no longer important because you now have to worry about someone else’s life: your baby. In this case, someone’s life still ends: yours. You would have to make the decision: end your life or the unborn child? 

In the picture above, it stood out to me. It shows a picture of a mother holding her two children. It displays, “Pro-choice is Pro-life.” This reminded me of a friend who had to make this difficult decision. She had unprotected sex and became pregnant. She came to the conclusion that it would be better to not have the baby. When I asked her why, this is what she told me, “I would like to live my life and have something to pass down to my child. If I decide to have the baby, I will be ending my life and his/hers. Reason being, if I have this baby, I will not have a future and for that reason, he/she will have no future as well. I would rather live my life and be able to provide love and support to my future children. If I have this baby, I would hate myself and hate that I ruin the life of an other individual for not being responsible.” In some cases, one can argue, she saved her own life because she (the victim) prevented the lost of value of “future gains.” What do you think?




One thought on “End which life? The fetus or yours?

  1. I believe that being able to provide for a child emotionally and physically is extremely important. Whether you can support your child or not, support should always be a key factor when deciding whether to bring a new life into this world or to terminate your pregnancy. The majority of women who decide to terminate their pregnancy are females, who may not be financially nor emotionally stable enough to go through nine months of carrying a child, then going on to raise that child for a lifetime. Whether the circumstances are an unplanned pregnancy, health related or rape, I believe that in all cases it is still vital to take into consideration whether the fetus will receive the support and care it deserves throughout the pregnancy and once the child is born. Although I believe that when people make adult decisions they should be ready to face adult consequences, I also believe that pro-choice is pro-life. If you cannot provide your child with the love, healthcare, support, education and structural home a child deserves, then I believe their are other choices out there you should consider. I don’t define abortion as murder and I’m not saying that it is the only option out there, you can also consider adoption if you choose not to keep a baby. In conclusion, I believe that pro-choice and choices in general provide the mother and a child with the life they deserve to have, or not to have.

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