Batman Vs. Sherlock Homes

In this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History between Sherlock Homes and Batman, you see Sherlock coming up with HASTY CONCLUSIONS against Batman. Hasty Conclusions is when you accept an argument on the basis of relevant but insufficient information or evidence. This can be seen in Sherlock’s first verse. He says: “I once met a rich fellow, who smelled of guano and pain, I deduce this deuce pain, Is Bruce Wayne. Yes his wealth would allow, this adversary of ours, to afford the toys he needs.” This is a hasty conclusion because since Bruce Wayne is the only rich person he knows, and Batman has to be rich to buy his fancy toys this means Bruce Wayne is Batman. In Sherlock Homes’ second verse you once again witness a hasty conclusion: “I believe your parents’ homicide, Is why you mask your face, you’re shamed and traumatized and haunted by the vast disgrace, of watching like a passive waste, as momma died, and daddy was dispatched with haste.” This is once again a hasty conclusion because he thinks Batman covers his face with no real reason. He believes the death of Batman’s parents is the reason why Batman covers his face. Keeping in mind Batman’s parents are never mentioned up until this point.
Hasty conclusions are seen every day. They can be seen when judging someone after a 30 seconds commercial as seen in politics. Politics always has fallacious reasons and to hear a candidate you take what you know and heard from others and judge them and their entire life and beliefs after 30 seconds. Another example is seen in jealous relationship when one person concluding someone is cheating because they do not pick up their phone. There are many reasons someone may not pick up the phone but they go straight to the worse situation. Hasty conclusions are usually easily seen because they have nothing to support them and in a way sound random.


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