I Love You Man… No Homo

The first time I read the phrase “no homo” was on MySpace. (As the mother of teens they introduced me to MySpace in an attempt to help me understand them.)The complete quote went something like “Man, good game tonight — no homo.” I had to call my kids in the room to explain because it could not possibly have meant what it sounded like. Unfortunately it meant exactly what it sounded like.

Years later I heard one of their friends refer to a homework assignment as “gay.”

These things were confusing to me. I’d always considered the younger generation as more open and accepting of other lifestyles. At some point, though, I guess it became cool to gay bash.

Words hurt… the young man in the video fights word for word against his bullies. Hurling the insults back might help to stay the self-esteem issues that are certain to arise but it doesn’t do much to end the aggressive behavior.

Its easy to hate someone you don’t know; hate grows in the dark. We’ve got to make it safe for everyone to come to the party so we can mingle and get to know each other. Then we can start loving and hating each other because of who we are and not who we love… no hetero.


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