I LOVE MEN… no homo


Reading through the homophobic article had me thinking how homo fanatic our society really is. At first it was taboo, (and in some places it still is), then it became disgusting, and then it transitioned into an awkward phase, and finally it’s accepted in more places than a Discover card.
Although the article does brush up on the fact that there is a huge degree of separation between the homophobic and society, I feel that converting a homophobe to homo tolerant is actually easier with music and certain influence.

Lil Wayne for example raps about the kissing his daddy or loving his crew and says “v homo” to stamp his heterosexuality. So Lil Wayne  recognizes that kissing another man or showing love to his boys is gay for a straight male to do. He interjects his song or rap verse with the use of No Homo. Meaning he can do things that a homo sexual can do with out judgement.The fact that he is doing these things makes him comfortable around gay actions. Its only a matter of time before he’ll be doing theae things without the use of no homo. And it’s only a hop jump skip away from being ok with other guys being into guys (or girls into girls).

The reality of this is that tolerance from this particular phobia requires intelligence, education, socialization, critical thinking, and patience. 

what do you think we need as a society to really get through to the homophobic?


4 thoughts on “I LOVE MEN… no homo

  1. So, you see saying “no homo” as a step toward accepting homosexuality? I see it as the opposite. I see it as saying, “You must never mistake me for being homosexual because homosexuality is gross.” What do other people think?

  2. This is a great post! I think that for anyone who accepts his or her sexuality this can go both ways. There might be people who will see this and will view it as degrading simply by the wording and others might be proud and use it as a powerful statement showing everyone that words like these don’t impact their homosexuality. I actually think the meaning “No Homo” is for insecure individuals who take the word out of context. Ever since I could remember my friends and I would use the word “No Homo” as degrading others around us, but not really understanding the significance of how homosexuals felt when they were actually called that. I do believe that using this word as a tool towards accepting homosexuality will not work, it is seems to disrespectful to an already out casted part of society.

  3. I think that saying no homo is something that is just said and people don’t read into it when they are saying it because they don’t think it could hurt someone. I do think that we need to step back and think about the people who are gay and how they would feel if we said it to them. People who are gay go through such a struggle to keep it a secret and then eventually come out and have to deal with what society has to say about it. I think that society has come a long way to accept the people who have to go through this and I fully support them. I think we should do way with the “no homo” saying because we don’t know who is around or how we could be effecting them.

  4. This post caught my eye because I have always disliked the saying “no homo.” Today, I hear this saying being used by adults, teenagers and even children. It scares me to hear and see the younger generation use this saying because I believe they don’t know the power “no homo” holds, nor the negative effects this saying has on others and our society as a whole. I believe the younger generation throws this saying around for a few reasons. Maybe it is just to be cool and trendy like everyone else who is using it, or maybe they already have negative views towards homosexuals and do not want to be perceived as one through their actions. My fear is that this saying will continue to form these misconceptions and cripple our society. The saying “no homo,” is a step back toward accepting homosexuality and a step forward of rejecting homosexuality.

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