Homophobia Ruining America?

When living in the United States people would really say that being “gay” was no big deal and that it was genuinely acceptable. Well there are still those out there that would beg to differ. There are certain closed minded people out there that believe that someone else’s sexual prowess is their business. It’s as if the people that “gay/lesbian/transgendered/bisexual” sleep with or become in a relationship with are reflecting them and their sexual orientation. It is this ridiculous notion that how other’s are allowed to express their love for one another of the same sex is crossing some strong hard law, but in reality there is no law that anyone can make that proves or supports that outside of their own personal/spiritual views.

In this video you hear people, one after another talk about how being homosexual drastically diminishes the strength and the righteousness of America. Though, my question is how precisely is that possible? Are we saying that since there are gay people in America that they are tainting us as a nation somehow? Are we saying that since they can portray characteristics of the opposite sex that they are going against some invisible line, and therefore reflect us in a weak manner? If that is what they are saying then what about all the other homosexual people in other nations, just because they are not as open as the United States doesn’t seem to make they weak. So why are we worried?

People are looking too much at looks and not about the character of the person they are ridiculing or berating. Why is being part of a group of people that portray a different way of life that is not inflicting harm nor recruiting others forcefully towards their cause frighten people so much? I would think that we have gotten past this stage of hate and ignorance since back during the times of racism and segregation. Since the actions being portrayed now match those exact actions that people went through during a time when being “different” was considered bad and horrendous. If we don’t fix our way of thinking and focus on more pressing matters then we might as well go back to those hateful times, and allow behavior that actually caused pain and suffering to live once again.


One thought on “Homophobia Ruining America?

  1. Why does the love between opposite genders prove to be a stronger bond than significant others of the same sex this day in age? That I do not comprehend. Personally, I know very successful and happy married same sex couples that do the exact opposite of diminishing our nation. Social norms are huge barriers that us Americans have found hard to get over. Why should we have the right to determine how people in our society behave and live their life? We shouldn’t, but at the end of the day we do. We make people who just want the same rights and treatment as us, commonly defined as normal/straight people, feel belittled and discriminated. Treating human beings with brutality goes back many years and it will take many years to measure up to the famous quotation, “all men are created equal.” Well besides these personal thoughts and questions that arose, in response to this film I can honestly say that I couldn’t get through the whole video without feeling such disgust. Although I respect the opinions of others, I found it comical how many close minded people we have in this world today.

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