Homophobia: National Coming Out Day

This day is celebrated on October 11th of each year in order to celebrate the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.  The celebration is observed to commemorate coming out and to raise awareness of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community and civil rights movement.  Along with this coming out day, the It Gets Better project hosted on YouTube has been featuring videos from people all over the country.  These videos are said to be funny, moving for those who suffer from heartaches and loneliness within the LGBT community.

One reason this day has been gaining momentum is due to the bullying that has been discussed widely on the Internet.  Bullying is nothing new to this world but now has coming to light due to mass media such as Facebook, YouTube and blogs such as WordPress.com.  This is a great movement, which can only unite people regardless of sexual preference or orientation.

While reading our weekly assignment I came across a new word, one that I had for sure experienced but never knew existed.  The word was homosociality, which is defined, as phenomenon among young men where gaining approval from your male peers or authorities as their main goal in life.  According to Hugo Schwyzer, winning approval from other men is more important to young(er) men than validation from woman.  This is most evident in the locker room while changing after your football, basketball or baseball game.  Every kid is full of testosterone and always trying to out perform his teammate, which in turn will elevate his status among young men.

This so-called guy code is very power and can affect young men and some never out grow this pain and heartache.  This type of harassment or bullying can lead to physiological problems or at worse, suicide.  Lastly, together let’s bring an end to this type of discrimination and educate one another so we can all become better members of society.


2 thoughts on “Homophobia: National Coming Out Day

  1. I also have never heard of “homosociality.” However, I could see how men on men approval could be much more meaningful than that of a woman. Although this could be considered a generalization, women are naturally more nurturing and understanding. In a country where society often denounces the idea of homosexuality, men seem even more pressured to conform to that masculine nature. It may seem more expected for a woman to understand the notion of a man being gay. However, within the male world, men can be more distant and resistant when knowing another man is gay. To get the approval of a man or men is an extremely monumental validation and can have much more meaning. It also means that man who understands has distanced himself from the pressures of society and allowed himself to individually decide based on himself.

  2. I found this video very interesting. It discusses “equality for all” including marriage among same-sex couples. However, what made this video catch my attention were the speakers who were delivering the message. These speakers are respected and well known public figures. They are people from government who many people look up to. It was refreshing to see important public figures taking a stand for what they believe in and making it known. Just recently, President Obama posted on his Facebook page about supporting marriage among same-sex couples. It’s nice to see how the United States is growing and maturing as a country. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151496905031749&set=a.53081056748.66806.6815841748&type=1&relevant_count=1

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