gays are FABULOUSS

gays are FABULOUSS

I really enjoyed the homophobia readings because there so scary true. Masculinity is judged right from the beginning of child hood and I think can be very damaging to not just boys but to society. It said in the reading, more men commit suicide a year then women and to think that it is all because of what society thinks. Men are so afraid of being accused of being homo’s that they feel the need to monitor everything they say, do, act, and feel from fear of being seen as homo or too feminine. This would then crushing there man hood that they are brought up as young men to feel the need to constantly prove, to not only women but other men and society.

From my point of view society’s protrayal of masculinity can be degrading to women also. Men are told not to cry and have emotions but women can? Making us the weaker sex because we show our feelings? It doesnt make sense. Female or male we cant ignore the fact that we are all born with feelings and emotions. So it seems incredibly stupid to act as if they don’t exist in the male sex. Boys should posses some feminety and it shouldnt be a bad thing, there should be a balance. Same goes for women. There are characteristics that men have that could benefit a women having and there are some characteristics that women have that men would benefit from having.

This picture just exemplifies the assumptions we can and do make about men that don’t show they are masculine enough. We automatically assume they are gay. So we have also assumed as a community that it is then bad and bed shouldn’t be like that. I believe the mantality of some people towards gays is both ridiculous and irrogant to make such assuptions about them. Of the 3 boys in the picture people would assume the one in the middle is going to be gay. But how does that make him anymore less of a person then the boys on the side of him. And to think other wise is very close-minded.

Just like years and years ago when blacks feared for their life most days men today  should not have to struggle every day to prove there man hood and neither should women. If a women can be dependent on men then men should be able to be dependent on women without there being a problem.Everyone is different. If we allow us as a society to not accept gays i feel as if we are falling back into the dark ages of racism. And from our history we should learn and definitely know better.  If we as a society have come so far as to eliminate sexism, and racism then I think we can defiently overcome the fear of gays and different peoples sexualities. And realize this issue(of being gay) is not severe or life threatened to others who are around it.



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