Concept of Slippery Slope preventing Marijuana from Being Legalized

The topic of legalizing marijuana is very controversial due to the responsibility it gives to people. Many congress men and women use the concept of the slippery slope to prove why it would be unethical to legalize marijuana. A theory use would be that marijuana is a gateway drug that will lead to addiction to other drugs such as Heroin, Crystal Meth, Cocaine, and Ecstasy. Slippery slope theories like this keep surfacing to hinder the illegal drug from becoming as common as the cigarette. You can argue that it would be positive to make marijuana legal to prevent it from being sold to teenager , which would decrease the chance of drinking alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and driving under the influence. This slippery slope concept is so effective because there is some small truths to the string of events that happen. Studies show that most people who have engaged in smoking marijuana have moved on to stronger drugs. The selling of alcohol was the same way, the government had no idea how to regulate the sale of alcohol but it became legal. At the same time alcohol is the number one killer of Americans due to drunk driving accidents a year. I do not see congress making alcohol illegal again from the lost of live it creates. I see the slippery slope theory as a means to cloud and confuse the views of Americans when it come to making laws. It uses the association of situations that most people experience to attack the emotions that effects their decision-making. Now with television, sitcoms and commercials are painting clearer picture on what to believe and what not without really researching the fact behind a slippery slope story. Should marijuana be legalize? I don’t know, but do not let a slippery slope theory decide for you, investigate the facts and make a sound decision for yourself with eyes wide open.


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