“Are you a male or female?” was a question I was asked by my older brother when we were children. I was about 6 years old when he asked me this particular question. I didn’t know exactly what “male and female” meant. At that time, those were consider “big words” and didn’t know the difference. Of course, if he had asked if I was a girl or a boy, I would know the answer right away: girl. However, being the evil older brother that he was, he knew that I didn’t know the difference between the two so when I responded by saying “male” he bursted out laughing. For that entire week, he made fun of me by saying that “I was a boy”. Of course, this was us being children and finding every opportunity to pick on one an other. Yet, looking back, we are expected to know our gender and know which category we fall under in an early age.

Now, imagine this…

How would society run if we weren’t defined by our gender. For instance, take a look at the picture above. What if we weren’t born with any genitals? Looking at the infant, we wouldn’t be able to tell if it would be a boy or a girl. I’ve read an article explaining that children who struggle in defining themselves as “male or female” have an attachment to mermaids because they show no clear answer of its gender because it can go either way. Now imagine, being born as “intersexed” and having both male and females parts. How do you think society would run if we didn’t have something like “gender” defining who we are and our role in society. Do you believe that would make us all equals?

Thinking about it, wouldn’t it be a relief if we were all born like the infant in the picture? Being given the freedom of deciding who are and not letting gender define us? What is your take on this topic?


One thought on “Mermaid

  1. The topic of intersexuality has never been an issue in my life or maybe it has. I remember at a young age playing on the playground I would not get picked for basketball, so I would play jump rope with the girl. The boys would tease me because I was playing girl games and not boys. back then i didn’t really understand why it was such a problem maybe because I had a younger sister and that was the norm for me. That’s how immature our society is. Those boys learned that from some adult who stripped them out of their innocents because they thought boys paying with girl we get them teased. Children when they’re young do not think that way, they just want to have fun. These same actions hold true to intersexual children parent see something out of the ordinary and freak out. they never think how will this effect my child, but think how embarrassed they would be if someone else discovery it. I think gender does affect a lot of wrongs that happen in the world. Dictating how a boy should act and how a girl should act or look that can be very confusing to a child that doesn’t understand. Society needs to understand everyone grows up in different environments, so different outcomes are going to emerge. I think maybe not having gender can change people from judging before getting to know someone.

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