Slippery slope arguments are arguments which claim if one action is done it will lead to another and maybe even more after. The special thing about a slippery slope fallacy is that you give no clear good reasoning to explain why the next action will happen.

It is called a slippery slope argument because as in the argument if you were to slip down a slope you will keep going. There would be no stops for explanations just start in one destination and go on until you reach your destination.

A skeleton example of a slippery slope argument is: If A then B is sure to follow

This can be seen in the photo above. It states an argument which is a slippery slope fallacy of “GAY MARRIAGE WILL LEAD TO BEASTIALITY.” There is no explanation just says if two same sex couples are able to get married then it leads to a human marring an animal. The second half of the picture says “JUST LIKE HOW WOMEN VOTING LEAD TO HAMSTERS VOTING”. This is said to prove how ridiculous the argument is structured. To prove that the argument is untrue the counter argument example states that because women (a category of human that did not have the right to do an action at that time) were able to vote then a hamsters (an animal that also does not have the right to do the same action) would vote. Women have been able to vote in the United States since 1920 and now in 2013 there are no hamsters voting. This is a wonderful example of using one slippery slope argument against another to prove it is wrong. One being the argument prediction with the counter argument being an argument we are certain is untrue.  Examples of slippery slopes are seen every day.


One thought on “MARRIAGE VS VOTING

  1. Slippery slope arguments are kind of fun. They are fun because they are so ridiculous. I really like the picture posted in this post because if women vote then that leads to hamsters voting. Obviously that is not going to happen. This argument is clearly invalid. Slippery slope is a fallacy that doesn’t give any explanations to why the next thing would happen. The example that Ryan gave in class about the losing your pen leading all the way to death is unrealistic. Like he said even without your pen and not being able to take notes doesn’t mean you aren’t going to study and fail the test. There are no reasons to reach those conclusions but because of the slippery slope you just keep going and going.

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