STAT!! “Approximately 4 million babies are born annually in the United States, two to four thousand of these babies are born with features of their anatomy that are.. typically associated with male and female”

Regular children of the appropriate boys and girls club of America have a small phase that we call puberty which is riddled with identity crisis, raging hormones, hair, growth, etc. Who’s to say they are not regular but our XY female and XX male brothers and sisters have a little something extra to go through. Deep down in the psychy of things they battle a big identity issue that is up to par with what MTV deems early mom, super nerd, or emo goth.

If a parent knew that their son or daughter was gay at birth would they cut the gay off? If a parent knew that their child was a serial killer would they kill their child at birth? I know it sounds like a common fallacy but it takes a little extension to drive my point. Parents do nothing because they don’t know. A baby should be treated and I agree with the article here, that they should be keep both parts until they decide what they want or don’t want. Love should be a universal power for a parent and part or no part, that identity is the child’s to determine.

“Regular” Boys are circumcised, so why don’t I push that argument? Does being circumcised have an effect on identity?

The idea here is that its not about having extra parts, its about identity and whether it is found in a group or individually, I believe it is for a person to make that choice. Ethically they are their own person and the parents part should be helping decide instead of making the decision.

In the whole aspect of life though, a variety of choices and challenges will land on their lap, like everyone else they make most of the choices and face their challenges in their own manner. So in essence 4 million babies are born in the united states everyday and 4 million babies should one day have the choice to choose their lifestyle, sexuality, and mate.


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