Inconsistencies within an Inconstant Nation…

 Favoring the Radicalism

When People go and watch movies they are clearly under the impression that everything that is said and done within that movie is FAKE. Well, what they fail to realize is that filmmakers are trying to send them a message whether it is a documentory or a simple child’s PG rated animation movie. Every story has something to convey, and while touching it may be it does and can have a dramatic effect on people’s thoughts. Such as when this movie came out into theaters. “V For Vendetta” a popular movie based upon a man who was tested upon and mutilated by government  scientist who escaped after a wild and treacherous fire. He goes about making the “government” pay by individually murdering the people responsible for the horrible crimes, and indeed ends up killing them and bringing down the government that was set into place. Thus, bringing the “people” peace and with a new sense of Power to control their own fates.

Now, as enlightening as this movie is it does not hold true to the values people claim to have about terrorist. One mention of government destruction and terrorist actions and people are quick to attack and penalize those responsible. Yet, we consistantly make and watch these movies as a form of entertainment, and while some can discern Fact from Fiction there are others that actually do commit these crimes and are severely punished. We as a nation love movies like this yet at the same time have the nerve to say within the same breath that terrorist actions are horrendous. Making such forms of art can inspire but, the fallacy of inconsistency in peoples own views and thoughts on the matter remain known. It is obvious that we do not like nor tolerate those that hurt, kill, or pick on the weak, but when it comes to showcasing it as a form of “art” and find surprise when people actually follow through is not entirely logical. If you put something out there its best to expect it to impact and inspire wether it be positive or negative.


One thought on “Inconsistencies within an Inconstant Nation…

  1. Mariah, so are you making an analogy to the Norcross’s article? So, since we condemn puppy torture, then we should condemn factory farmed meat; therefore, if we condemn terrorists, we should also condemn movies that portray them as protagonists? Is that your main point here?

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