Stricter Laws for Animal Abuse


It is extremely sad to read in the first one how children can learn and become cruel to animals at such a young age based on their parents. I love all dogs and especially my own! I can not imagine if we treated her so terribly as Fred does to his puppies.  Animals to me are just as human as we are and they love you unconditionally. Putting them down can be just as hard to unplug someone’s life support. There is no reason EVER to treat them the way these articles talk about.  I found this article from  It talks about a man being sentenced to the maximum 3 years in prison for throwing a woman’s small dog into on coming traffic. At the end of the article the lady said: “I think that a violent crime like this against animals who, next to children, are the most vulnerable residents here on Earth,” “I think 10 years is the minimum animal cruelty conviction. I also cannot believe and am very dismayed animal cruelty does not count as one of the three strikes as a violent crime, and that needs to change.”

There are many incidents out there where people are not punished for the crimes they commit against animals. To me killing an animal is as bad as killing a person. This lady vows to help animals who are being abused.



One thought on “Stricter Laws for Animal Abuse

  1. This post caught my eye because I am an animal lover as well! What caught my attention was the first sentence, “children can learn and become cruel to animals at such a young age based on their parents”. Children are a product of their environment. A dysfunctional home can cause children to act out, just as a healthy upbringing can do the exact opposite. So to know that the way parents treat their animals can affect their children, is scary because it shapes their behavior. This made me think about the way the behavior of animals is shaped as well. People perceive certain breeds as scary, dangerous and more on the feisty side. The thing is though it is important to take into consideration what kind of household these animals were raised in. What kind of effects do parents have on their pets? Personally, my animals were raised in a very healthy environment and loving household. One of my dogs was a large german shepherd and chow. We trained her from a very young age and she was always surrounded by children. As a result, she was the most obedient dog I have ever met and she was very loving. My other dog is a miniature shih-tzu and poodle who is playful and energetic. We never fail to give her love and attention. I come from a family full of animal lovers, especially my parents. In conclusion, I believe that animals are a product of their environment as well. It is easy to judge certain breeds, along with animals that act out because they are abused and not treated right, but remember to take into consideration what kind of environment these animals were raised in.

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